Friday, May 11, 2012

Lifestyle and Property in Limassol

Limassol is the second largest city of a small Mediterranean island called Cyprus. The city is located on the island's southern coast. In 2011, the population was estimated to be approximately 235,000.
The fine weather in Limassol has forever been a main appeal for foreigners. The city has gorgeous, sandy beaches that are contrasted against strong mountains and charming villages. In summer, Limassol gets almost 12 hours of perfect weather for the beach. The city has some of the most popular and highly recommended bars and nightclubs in Cyprus. You can find reasonably priced drinks with great music and superb atmosphere. Limassol is ethnically diverse, particularly with British foreigners making Limassol their country of residence. English is widely spoken. Limassol offers an extensive range of accommodation built within a small walking distance to local facilities such as restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, bars, and other places of entertainment.

Win Your Next Property Tax Appeal in Texas - 10 Basic Steps

First - Learn the Facts
You are most likely to succeed with your property tax appeal if you find factual errors in your property tax record, also known as an "appraisal card". Mistakes in real estate appraisals, such as errors about the age of improvements or incorrect square footage measurements are not uncommon.
After you file a Notice of Protest, the appraisal district will schedule an informal conference with one of their staff appraisers. Bring any proof for your case to the appointment in the form of photos or other documentation supporting your claims. The appraisal district will need to keep your evidence for their file, so remember to bring extra copies.
Understand How Your Home Has Been Appraised
Harris County Appraisal District [HCAD] has over a million single-family residential properties to appraise. Montgomery Central Appraisal District [MCAD] has responsibility for valuing about 250,000 homes. The daunting reality is that there are not enough well-trained staff appraisers to go around.
In the real world, appraisal district employees sometimes are not able to inspect much beyond new construction or additions. Even when properties are inspected, the examination may be hardly more than a drive-by. It is more common now for appraisal districts to rely on aerial pictometry for various aspects of property inspection. The level of technological resources now available to most appraisal districts is impressive.

Are You Flipping? Top Three Tips In Buying Homes For Sale

With the economy still on the rocks, it's hard to trust a real estate investment that quickly. But with home prices at their range today, it pays to consider buying homes for sale for resell. A lot of capitalists have actually found a lot of success in flipping residential units and selling them at a higher cost. But not all homes are worth the capital, so you must make a thorough investigation of what you are getting. When you are flipping, you have to be critical, because time costs money and nothing wastes more than a wrong decision. Here are some of the tips about getting residential units to help you avoid making that crucial mistake.
1. Pick out a house that is in a good neighborhood. It's a big selling point. When people buy houses, they always look at the location - if it's safe, if it's near good schools, and if it's accessible by public transportation. Safety is a priority over luxury, because luxury can be threatened by the absence of safety. For high end buyers, they like views and landscape. They appreciate nearby recreational areas. These types of homes may be a bit pricier than those in the projects, but if you are looking to resell something at top dollar, you have to make it worthwhile.

Great Neighborhoods for New Homes in PA

When a family buys a house, they also join a neighborhood. Living in an excellent neighborhood is worth more than the cost of the house because your family's safety and enjoyment is priceless. When buying or building new homes in PA, it's important to choose one that is located in one of the state's family-friendly neighborhoods.
A neighborhood ideal for a family should offer the following:
• Convenient travel options to your workplace
• Good schools nearby for your kids
• Neighboring shopping areas
• Beautiful parks and/or community centers

Home Builders Breathe New Life Into Townhomes for Young Homebuyers

For a young professional, buying property for the first time is an important life decision as this may be his first major investment. For affordable living in the suburbs, townhomes made by expert home builders can offer these young professionals certain advantages over purchasing an apartment in the city.
Townhouses are often considered smart housing choices for young homebuyers as they are a compromise between a single detached family house and a condominium. This makes it possible for young professionals to still make a real estate investment without the heavy price of a single detached house. Aside from that, townhomes can offer a number of benefits similar to living in a condominium.
While townhouses are typically a row of homes sharing walls, there are now stylish homes that are semi-detached duplexes. These new dwellings developed by home builders offer more privacy and allow homeowners greater space to entertain guests or comfortably raise a small family.

Real Estate MLS Vs BLS, Which One Should You Use?

Are you a real estate buyer, seller or real estate agent trying to buy or sell a home? Surely you're familiar with the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), a multitude of databases in each city of homes for sale under the control of real estate agents. These databases all feed into various website such as and to show home shoppers what they are trying to sell.
Chances are you have not heard of the BLS (Buyers Listing Service), a few have come and gone but now a better version has been introduced. A BLS is a database of home buyers requesting specific types of homes in specific neighborhoods throughout America.
Whether you're a buyer, seller or real estate agent, here is some help in deciding which one to use to help you buy or sell a home. Pay careful attention as each has their advantages and disadvantages.
Home Buyers & Their Real Estate Agents: If you want to buy a home you have two approaches available. You can look at the MLS (,, etc) to see about 5% of the homes in any given neighborhood where the owner has hired a real estate agent to display their home for sale.
The advantages of the MLS are: 1. Most likely a motivated seller. 2. Easy access to data and photos of the home.
The disadvantages of the MLS are: 1. Buyers only see about 5% of the homes in the neighborhood, less in better neighborhoods. 2. The seller's real estate agent may already have a buyer waiting for this home. 3. Seller's agent is already working with an agent friend that has a buyer. 4. Having to monitor the MLS daily waiting for a matching home to show up. 5. Reactive approach as new listing trickle on to MLS.
Home buyers using a BLS, where they post a request for the type of home they want in a specific neighborhood have these advantages: 1. Access to 100% of the homes in every neighborhood. 2. Opportunity to buy a home before it shows up in the MLS. 3. Seller's agents will contact you with matching homes they have in the MLS (so you don't have to search the MLS everyday for new listings). 4. Finding homes that are a better match to your requirements. 5. Proactive approach to reach every home owner in the neighborhood. 6. If you're a real estate agent working on behalf of a buyer, this is the only way you will ever be able to "double end" a commission.
There are a lot of home owners that would love to sell their home if they knew there was a buyer already lined up to buy the home. A lot of home owners do not want to have their home listed in the MLS, have a for sale sign in the yard, open houses, etc. A BLS enables a home owner so sell their home more discretely and privately.
Home Sellers:
If you're a home seller, you could hire a real estate agent to input your home in the local MLS system then wait and hope for a buyer to see it and contact your agent. This traditional method will work eventually if you wait long enough and are willing to lower your asking price over time. Before you use the wait and hope approach, you and should look for a buyers posting on a BLS that are a match for your home. You can communicate directly with the home buyer (or their agent) and not have to publicly display your homes information (photos, size, etc) to the whole world.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sarasota, Florida Luxury Homes

Sarasota is one of the most beautiful cities in the US and it is currently experiencing the biggest real estate boom since 2005. Located in the south Florida Gulf coast region, this thriving city is not only stunningly scenic, it has lots of additional amenities to offer potential home-buyers of Sarasota luxury homes. These include access to a lively nightlife, sophisticated cultural attractions and world class recreational facilities.
Linked by a series of causeways and bridges, Sarasota is actually eight small islands or keys located along the Gulf cost of Florida, just north of Fort Myers and south of Tampa Bay. Communities on these keys each have their own distinct energy and style.
For example, tiny Bird Key appeals to boating enthusiasts of all kinds. It boasts a yacht club and many of its expansive canal or waterfront estate properties have their own docks.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Best Places to Live in Tucson

Tucson, Arizona is a visually stunning place to live, but finding a neighborhood that meets your needs and the needs of your family may take some research. Whether you prefer the excitement of the city or the tranquility of the wilderness, you will find the ideal setting in the Tucson area. There are numerous lovely communities to choose from, and each area offers something unique.
Signature at Sycamore Park
One of the most impressive neighborhoods in Tucson is the Signature at Sycamore Park community. This cluster of new homes in Tucson is conveniently situated near a large assortment of shopping complexes as well as entertainment centers. With the downtown area nearby, this community is thriving economically. Sycamore Park is also part of the well-regarded Vail Unified School District.
For nature lovers, the Signature at Sycamore Park area has a lot to offer. At the center of the community is a 7.5 acre park filled with playing fields, paved paths and walking trails. In addition to the lifestyle park, there are three smaller parks, several playgrounds and various pathways that allow for walking, bicycling or rollerblading. This fast-growing area is ideal if you want to feel a sense of permanence in your community.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Best Places for Home Sweet Home

The three biggest variables when deciding where to live are the affordability of housing, the cost of living, and the rate of employment. Forbes, US News & World Report, Huffington Post, and other media outlets have all chimed in with their surveys measuring each one of these areas in the upcoming months. And the sweet spot where these three variable meet? It's in the heart of Texas.
One of the best places to buy a house right now is Texas. Interestingly, Texas also has the lowest unemployment and the second lowest cost of living. reports that homes in Austin, TX are staying on the market an average of 77 days, selling 20% sooner than a year ago.
The worst place to try to makes ends meet, own a home, and work is California, followed closely by New York. And if you have sights set on living in Washington D.C., you're better off looking in nearby Baltimore, where prices have dropped 22% from their highest point.